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I studied violinmaking at the Geigenbaufachschule Mittenwald. From there I went on to work in various Violinshops, in Chicago at Michael Becker’s and Kenneth Stein’s. After a year in Tobias Festl’s World Of Basses in Reutlingen I came to London working for Peter Biddulph from 1993 -2001 where i became workshop manager from 1996.


Since then I have my own workshop in South East London. I joined the team of luthiers at the Royal Academy of Music from 2006 to 2017, looking after the instruments of the museum and the collection. Between 2018 and 2020 I worked with John Dilworth, assisting in new making and extensive restoration.

My speciality is the care and repair of old instruments ranging from sound adjustments and MOTs to thorough in-depth restorations and rebuilding. I often collaborate and consult with colleagues over projects in an exchange of ideas and insight, although I mostly work in my workshop with my wonderful assistant Viola Bertelli Motta.

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